DJ Battle

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Are you that go-to-friend for updating everyone’s playlists with the freshest music? Do you know how to get the dance floor moving and do you dream new beats and tunes? Then you’re fit enough to compete in the Curaçao DJ Battle! Enter and battle for the main prize: Playing the one-hour opening set of The Flying Dutch Curaçao!

The Curaçao DJ Battle

This October 11th and 19th the fight will be ON! Ten talented DJ’s from Curaçao will battle each other in six rounds spread out over 2 nights. The professional jury headed by our very own Menasa will decide who’s the winner of that main prize: a one hour long DJ-set at The Flying Dutch Curaçao!

Here’s a little sneak preview of what the battle will be all about: 
Round 1: Show us what you got in a full set! 

Round 2: Back 2 Back 
Round 3: Mix as many tracks as possible 
Round 4: Mash it up “The-Flying-Dutch-Style”
Round 5: The Menasa Special 😉
Round 6: The Final Battle 

Don’t forget to bring all your friends to cheer you on. Entrance to these events is free!

Enter to compete

Certain you’ve got what it takes to open the stage for stars like Armin van Buuren and Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano? This is how you can compete!

1. Record a video of 2 minutes, showing us your top notch DJ skills in your own style
2. Send it to us via Facebook or Instagram DM or e-mail to, together with your artist name, your age, contact information and your best DJ photo
3. Ten winners* will be announced on Wednesday 3 October and are expected to be available to compete on October 11 and October 19 from 8 PM until 11 PM.
The deadline for all entries is Tuesday 2 October!

Club Vanilla – October 11th

The first rounds will commence on Thursday October 11th in Club Vanilla, from 8 PM until 11 PM. Make sure to spread the word and invite your friends and fans to light that fire and push you to the best DJ set you’ve ever played!
Any questions about the competition? Hit us up on Facebook or Instagram DM or e-mail to

*Note: Winners are chosen upon the discretion of the The Flying Dutch Curaçao DJ Battle.The jury will not enter into any form of communication about the course or the result of the contest.
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Het festivalterrein gaat om 18:00 uur open voor het publiek. Dan begint ook meteen de eerst DJ te draaien dus kom op tijd. Eten en drinken is dan ook verkrijgbaar. Om 01:00 houdt het feestje op, tenminste gaat de muziek uit. We houden rekening met de buurt en houden ons dus ook netjes aan deze tijd. Je hebt nog wel even de tijd om je muntjes terug te wisselen, een plasje te doen of ‘one for the road’ te halen, maar luister wel naar het beveiligingspersoneel. Eruit is eruit.